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Kynoch Labs

Einstein AI made easy

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Your Salesforce org already has AI.

Why isn't it doing more for you?

Let us help.


(ky-noc labs)

Kynoch Labs is a full service Salesforce implementation partner, founded to bring AI solutions to Salesforce customers. We're a team of certified solution architects and data scientists, Einstein geeks and developers dedicated to helping businesses leverage their CRM data and AI to achieve new levels of productivity. Our mission is to simplify the journey from here to a fully functioning set of smart assistants helping your sales, marketing and service teams be brilliant.

We are certified in Data Cloud, Sales, Marketing, Service and Commerce clouds, as well as (of course!) Experience Cloud and Data Cloud and Einstein.


Kynoch Labs offers a full service journey from idea to production, and beyond. Our services include objectives workshop, data modeling, design, integration, and AI training. Training AI is a journey - we help you build, measure, learn and improve.


Our team has worked with a variety of businesses across different industries to help them achieve their CRM goals. Our method walks you through from initial evaluation to a roadmapped journey up to your planned level of productivity gains.


Your Salesforce already has Einstein AI, but most businesses struggle or don't have the resources and knowledge to bring realize its potential. While we're a new company, we've had the pleasure of working with a range of clients across different industries.


Pick Your Path

We often begin with Sales Cloud, as so many businesses want help reducing manual and repetitive tasks. However, you may have more pressing needs in Marketing, Service, Commerce or elsewhere.

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