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The journey from idea to vibrant reality

Kynoch Labs team has designed and built hundreds of Salesforce implementations, custom applications, optimizations and, most importantly, analytics and insights projects.

Here's what the journey should look like if we're engaged to drive your AI project.

Ideas Workshop

  1. Big picture - your road to here

  2. Einstein readiness assessment
  3. Current data landscape

  4. Big Ideas - 2 years out

  5. Easy wins - 1-3 months

  6. All ideas - sized and ranked

  7. Roadmap 

Data Treatment

  1. Datascape - inventory

  2. Data privacy and compliance concerns and mitigations

  3. Quality upgrade initiative

  4. Data sources - integrations review and upgrade where needed

  5. Einstein data cleanup automations - where appropriate (yes, we'll train Einstein to clean your data)

  6. Before and after comparison

Train the AI

  1. Set up initial guesses

  2. Create guess & Check points

  3. Group tasks by outcome within each level (eg: Level 2 = Einstein Recommendations)

  4. Run pilot user group / limited dataset

  5. Manual audit process

  6. Assess Einstein prediction initial quality 

Tuning, learning...

This is where you embark on the endless journey of refining the guesses Einstein is making, training it to learn better, sharper. 

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