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Service Cloud

Customers really don't enjoy calling 800 numbers and waiting for help. But you knew this.

Let's imagine a vastly better way. That simple chatbot on the bottom of the page, with some training, can begin to feel like a really smart human, dedicated to listening, understanding, diagnosing and solving. Start by giving it a cure name, because customers will fall in love with him/her.

salesforce einstein specialty consulting

What's in the box?

  • Accelerate case resolution by automatically predicting and populating fields on incoming cases to save time and reduce repetitive tasks.

  • Increase call deflection by resolving routine customer requests on real-time digital channels like web and mobile chat or mobile messaging.

  • Reduce handle time by collecting and qualifying customer info for seamless agent handoff.

  • Solve issues faster by giving your agents intelligent, in-context conversation suggestions and knowledge recommendations.

  • Create tailored service replies, knowledge articles, and work summaries automatically with CRM data.

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