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Marketing Cloud

Marketing is a data science. It requires real horsepower, but its returns are not linear, they increase exponentially with the right amount of investment and when the science is perfected.

Welcome to the smart assistants inside Marketing Cloud.

What you may expect

  • Know your audience more deeply by uncovering consumer insights and making predictions.

  • Engage more effectively by suggesting when and on which channels to reach out to customers.

  • Create personalized messages and content based on consumer preferences and intent.

  • Be more productive by streamlining marketing operations.

  • Generate subject lines and web campaigns automatically with CRM data.

How does it work?

  • Einstein Prediction Builder - looks at customer data and guesses what will happen next (likelihood of event eg churn / renew / upsell)

  • Einstein Next Best Action - after prediction, suggests next best action, sales rep or customer

  • Einstein Discovery - multi-variable calculus to dig deep into your data and come up with guesses as to the causes of micro trends, and suggestions for what they mean

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